Short Pump Shorts: Principal Spending a Day on the Roof and More Flashing Yellow Arrows Coming

ShortsTwin Hickory Elementary School Principal Mike Dussault made a promise to do something zany if 100 percent of the school joined the PTA– spend a day on the roof. Well, it worked, and Dussault will be spending the entire day on the school’s roof on Tuesday, May 8th.

During the day, all classes will have the chance to go outside and send things up to Mr. Dussault via a bucket and rope. He’ll receive messages from the kids and food.

In transportation news, more flashing yellow left turn signals are coming to the Far West End. This week, crews have been installing another round of flashing arrows at intersections in Innsbrook and Short Pump. Test intersections, including one at Ridgefield Parkway and Gaskins Road and other at Hungary and Francistown Roads proved successful, dramatically lowering traffic incidents, according to the Henrico County Department of Public Utilities.

New flashing turn signals will be or have already been installed at Cox Road and Waterfront Drive and Nuckols Road at Snowmass Road/Capital One Way in Innsbrook, Cox Road at Sadler Place near the Glen Allen Post Office, Nuckols Road at Concourse Boulevard near Twin Hickory Town Center, and Shady Grove Road at Twin Hickory Road near Deep Run High School.

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