Martin's to Offer Healthy Options in Special New Checkout Lanes

Richmond area Martin’s stores, the Richmond City Health District, and local organization Greater Richmond Fit4Kids are partnering on a new project to encourage customers to think healthy at the check-out with the launch of Healthy Ideas check-out lanes at eight Martin’s stores around the area.

The project aims to promote healthy eating by increasing the availability of healthy food choices in grocery store check-out lanes.

The Healthy Ideas check-out lanes contain both national and store brand perishable and nonperishable healthy food items. While the exact selection of products vary by aisle and store, fruit, nuts, individual snack packs, nutrition bars, and more are among the selection to be found.

“Martin’s is excited to be the pioneer grocery store in the Richmond area to offer healthy food and beverage items in select check-out lanes,” said Valerie Waters, in-store nutritionist. “We think our moms and dads, in particular, will appreciate a check-out lane with items that are not full of added sugar and unhealthy fats, which tempt all of us on our way out of the store.”

The John Rolfe Martin’s location at 2250 John Rolfe Parkway is the first in the Short Pump area to sport the new healthy checkout lanes.

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