Everyone knows Short Pump is the hottest location in all of Metro Richmond for growth and development, and home to some of the best shopping, dining, and entertainment in Central Virginia. But what many people don’t know is the rich history behind this once tiny rural outpost. The biggest question of all that everyone seems to ask is where the name Short Pump originated. Well, your search for answers is over.

Long before the Downtown Short Pump website began, founder Trevor Dickerson ran a website devoted to the area’s history. The history site has been combined with this one. It made sense. After all, to know where you’re going, you’ve gotta see where you’ve been! Plus, this is a community website, so our history is an integral part of who we are. Take a look around and see what we’ve got to offer.

The Story Of Short Pump

If you’re new to the area, or just never knew how the Short Pump area of yesteryear, you owe it to yourself to read this comprehensive history. Includes the story of the Short Pump Tavern, for which Short Pump was named, as well as the histories of the three general stores that used to stand along West Broad Street.

Pinpointing The Short Pump Tavern

Locating the Short Pump Tavern was no easy task. After all, the whole place was merely a local legend. After many weekends of research at the Library of Virginia, we have all the information on the whereabouts of the Short Pump Tavern. This section is best understood after reading the above section, “The Story of Short Pump,” first.

Lost Structures Around The Area

With such an explosion of development in the area, many of Short Pump’s historic houses and other structures, as well as well-known landmarks, have fallen to the bulldozer. We’ve done our best to document them over the past year, though, and many of them live on today on this page.