Henrico County Summary of Changes to Accommodate Snow Days


Henrico County Public Schools has been closed from January 21-23 due to snow. The snow days occurred just as semester exams were to begin, which means 6 out of 7 exams have not been administered as of January 23. Henrico County Public Schools is cancelling exams for high school classes (includes middle school students taking high school courses). We believe this is in the best interest of students who are scheduled to start the second semester on Tuesday, January 28.

Rationale for decision:

  1. The Division would have to spend the entire week of January 27 to complete exams. This was an unusual circumstance of which there were many reasons for and against cancelling the exams. In the end, we do not believe any exam is worth an entire week of lost instruction.
  2. Students have not been in classes for a week and will have to come back to exams without any additional preparation. We believe this is a unique situation that would not be in the best interest of students.
  3. We do not know at this moment if we will be in school or on a 2-hour delay on Friday, January 24. The community wants to know what we are doing with exams, so we needed to make a decision today.
  4. All high school principals were surveyed about the decision to cancel exams. They were unanimous that this was in the best interest of students and that losing a week of instruction is not acceptable.
  5. More than 100 students and parents have emailed the superintendent expressing concerns of students returning to exams and missing an entire week of instructional time.


Additional Information:

  1. A student who needs the exam to pass a course or to better a grade may work with his/her teacher to take the exam. If a student chooses to take the exam, he/she must accept the grade regardless if it raises or lowers the overall course grade.
  2. If a student takes the exam, he/she will have to complete it by Wednesday, January 29.
  3. Each school will work out a time to administer this test depending on how many students choose to take it.  Schools will be responsible for communicating further information.
  4. Semester grades will close on Thursday, January 30 at 5:00 p.m.
  5. A new date for report card distribution will be communicated to the school community.
  6. Students will begin normally scheduled semester 2 classes on Tuesday, January 28.
  7. This only applies to high school classes.
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