First Look: Henrico Police Unveil New Patrol Car Model & Logo Design


The next time you see a Henrico Police officer patrolling, it may be in a cruiser that’s unlike what you’re used to seeing on the roadways. For the first time in over 40 years, Henrico Police patrol vehicles will have a new look.  The 2013 Ford Police Interceptor Sedans have arrived and will be issued to patrol Sergeants and Officers in the next few months.

Police Chief Doug Middleton says he is “excited about the safety features, comfort and ergonomics of this new vehicle designed specifically for police service.”

Some of the new features include a more fuel-efficient engine that gets up to 20% better fuel economy without sacrificing performance, a wider wheel base, rear view back up cameras, rollover sensors, side curtain air bags, and specially-designed driver’s seats. The vehicle is also completely built in the United States.

The new vehicle decals are reflective and sport what the department is calling a “clean, professional and modern look.”

One might question, especially during a time of tight locality budgets and a degree of continuing economic hardship, from what source funding for the vehicles is being drawn. The cars won’t be replaced all at once, but rather phased in through the Police Division’s normal vehicle replacement schedule, and should end up saving taxpayers money, especially due to increased fuel efficiency.

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