Final Preparations Underway for RVA Fashion Week, Short Pump Event This Weekend

RVA Fashion Week is right around the corner and this week has been filled to the brim with last minute preparations like confirming stores, pulling looks, and fitting models. This week, three separate fittings were scheduled for the Short Pump event to be held this Sunday, April 15th.

Stores such as Bevello, Ann Taylor, Everything But Water and South Moon Under are just a few of the names that will be seen on the runway, showcased by an assortment of models. The models themselves ran the gamut between high school students such as Hannah Bass, 17, from Yorktown, Virginia, and college students like Jolina Wang and Sean Nguyen, both 21 and students at VCU, an elementary age girl, several male models and even a mom. All told, there were 15 male models and 34 women to be fitted over the span of three days.

Just like any other fashion show, model fittings consisted of a range of “pulled” looks–looks chosen off the racks and presented to the models–and the dressing room antics began. Anywhere from one to seven looks were pulled for each model and they were tasked with trying on the clothes, mixing and matching, being evaluated by the store fashion advisors and the RVA Fashion Week Fashion Coordinator, and ultimately a look was decided.

Each model’s look was documented with the name and description and written down meticulously so it would be ready to go the day of the show. Some looks were wrapped and stored in bags with the models’ names and others went to be stored on clothing racks.

One after the other, models were fitted, stores were checked off, and the final looks were approved. Now all that is left for the models to do is strut their stuff at the show that will debut the 4th annual RVA Fashion Week. See you Sunday April 15th at Short Pump Town Center at 2:00 p.m.  Enjoy the show!

Sydney Page Lester is Downtown Short Pump’s Style Editor.

Sydney Page Lester is an almost 30 year old with a Masters in Social Work, fantastic husband and an eye for sequins. In addition to working full (and part) time, she keeps DTSP updated with all things fashion and can also be found at ChicStripes, her personal blog full of daily outfits, styling tips and the best way to wear thrifted items. Email her or send a tweet to @chicstripes.