5 Best Ways to Spend a Monday Morning


MondayThink Monday mornings (especially cold rainy ones) are for the birds?

Think again! Try any one of these strategies, and you’ll notice a definite improvement to the beginning of your week.

5. Spend the first 30 minutes at your office telling everyone, including your boss, how much you drank this weekend. They’ll be impressed you were able to make it in on time this morning and applaud your efforts (and your high drinking tolerance).

4. Take your laptop to a local park or mall and work remotely. Make sure to update your profile picture on Facebook and IM to show exactly where you are and brag to your co-workers how this move will really help you maximize your lunch hour–because you’re already where you want to be!

3. Drive 50 miles per hour in the far right lane of the highway in zones that are 55 miles per hour or higher. After you’ve tried that for a while, move to the middle lane, and eventually to the left lane. You will be amazed at all the friends you will make. Make sure to smile and wave at all your new friends who are honking at you.

2. Tell your kids that school was cancelled and you’re taking them to King’s Dominion instead. Then, drive them to school and say, “Just kidding! Mommy/Daddy played a joke on you! Now, time to go to school!”

1. Stay in bed and see how long it takes before someone notices and calls or texts you. Then, if someone does ask where you are, and you choose to answer the phone, simply say, “What? Today is Monday? Oh, [word of your choosing here]! I thought it was Sunday! Are you sure you have your day right?” Then, spend the rest of the phone call trying to persuade the other person that they have their days mixed up.

Any one of these strategies is sure to shake things up and make for a much more interesting week.

Have any favorite Monday morning strategies of your own? Please share them in the comments.